Welcome to Sparrow Holistic Health

My name is Suzanne Sparrow. I am a qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath & Kinesiologist, who offers friendly, down-to-earth health care for men, women and children of all ages. I work with my clients to determine the root cause of ill health, and empower them to achieve optimal health and well-being by removing any obstacles that have previously prevented them from doing so. My areas of special interest include mood and mental health, digestion and gut health, hormonal balancing and weight management. My treatment plans include recommending specific and individualised nutritional and lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal supplements,

and energetic healing modalities such as the Australian bush flower essences.

I practice out of "The Natural Health and Wellness Centre", located at

12 Eramosa Rd East, in Somerville on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

By request, I am also available to conduct online teleconsultations via Zoom.

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